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Dining Etiquette
Dining Etiquette
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Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette

Dining etiquette is essential for every single person as the way a person sits, eats and speaks defines that very person. While at a formal meeting or gathering of family or friends it is important to behave in a particular manner at a restaurant. It does not matter if you know them very well, there are certain things a person should not say and do while they are seated for dining.
Many people go with the understanding of their everyday social interactions and behave accordingly to it which is not wrong, but alongside this, there have to be specific rules that have to be followed. First impressions are crucial thus to make an excellent first impression one has to behave in a particular manner and follow certain etiquette. Here are a few dining etiquettes that’ll enhance your dining experience.


When invited to a formal party or a friends house it is always good to take a small gift along. The gift should be anything that can be used during dinner as the menu is always pre-planned. Always greet with a smile and pleasant words. Never interrupt two people while they are having a conversation, wait for them to finish and then speak.

Dining Etiquette

2) Time Management-

Always be 10 to 15 minutes early. If due to an emergency one is running late it is important to call and inform ahead. Time management is highly significant as it speaks about the character of a person.

3) Clean and well fitted-

A well dressed and groomed person will always make an excellent first impression. The host will or hostess will get to know their level of importance based on how the guest looks. People often make the mistake of using too much cologne which usually ends up backfiring. A perfect way to apply cologne is one spray on the wrist, one on the inner side of the jacket and one on either side of the neck.

4) Table Manners-

It is essential never to sit on the table before the host or hostess sits down. Always make it a point to pass the plate using the right side. Always keep the rim of the plate clean as it does not damage the cuff of a shirt and it is also helpful as it is easy to pass the plate without the fear of dropping it.

5) Eating Manners-

A person must never talk while eating food. Any food must be consumed with the mouth being closed at all times. Cell phones must either be switched off or kept on silent mode, and they should not be used on the table, one must excuse themselves from the table if they want to use their cell phones.

6) Restroom Manners-

The word restroom should be avoided in its entirety. If a person wishes to use the restroom or to leave the table, they must always do it by saying “Excuse me” or “ ill be right back.

7)After dining-

Once the meal is over never leave the table. Always wait for the host to finish their food and signal that the dining has come to an end. Always keep the culinary on the plate, parallel to each other and the napkin next to plate folded, signaling that you are done.

Whether it be a formal or informal dining always thank the person hosting the dining. If it is formal dining, it is important to send them a thank you card describing the wonderful experience in one to two sentences. In the ’90s not many people paid any attention to the dining habits and its etiquettes, but all that is changing with the current generation. The current generation focuses more on the manners and behavioral aspects of life.

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